My journey to 35 pounds down.

Weight has always been a struggle in my life. I am one of the envious. Envious of those who love working out. Envious of those who can strictly stick to a healthy diet. Envious most of those that never work out or watch what they eat, but stay stick thin.

This journey has not been that way for me. If I don’t maintain exercise and healthy eating I balloon up. Once I start blowing up, its all a snowball. I easily turn to eating when I feel anxious or depressed. I had no idea how to really escape the cycle. I couldn’t find it in me.

But, I can tell you how it all began. It might not work for you, but it worked for me. I bit the bullet and reached out to a friend who was an online trainer. I had to force myself, once the message was sent I knew I was in it. Next, once the money was spent I knew I was in it even deeper.

Unlike spending my money on a gym membership, this was a different kind of commitment. It was a commitment to a person. Someone I would have to update and check in with.

Part of it’s success was also that I liked her. Find a trainer you love. My trainer @itsbeccametchell is definitely an inspiration on me. I didn’t want to let her down.

That’s all it took. After the 3 month program something beautiful had happened. I knew I could do it. I have lost so much weight that my body was addicted. I wanted more, sure enough I’m 35 pounds lighter and still losing weight weekly.

It’s amazing what accountability does, and even more amazing what confidence will.