This post is about an experience I had over 5 years ago. But life isn’t just made up of what we are doing now. We can be consumed with the past. For me it’s because this time was a real awakening for me.

When I graduated college I went alone to a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. I had another goal too, to write a book while I was there. (that will be followed up in another post)

I arrived into San Jose and on the bus met another person attending the retreat. A young girl around my age from Canada , we became instant friends. Once we arrived at the retreat I was ready. Ready to unpack , see my room, take a walk, call someone, explore everything, and so much more. But, right from the start our yoga instructor said that everything moves slower there, take a breath and slow yourself down.

My days at Samasati were bliss. I’d wake to early morning yoga in a beautiful cabin high above the jungle. Walk down to the cabin for breakfast, where I’d see all sorts of monkeys and birds. It was on the walk from yoga to breakfast that I found a higher power again. I felt at a high, and knew I just wasn’t alone.

After breakfast the day usually included an adventure with the 3 people in my retreat who I became incredibly close with. We rode horses on the beach, made cocoa from scratch, and wandered through the jungle. At night we hit the town and partied with the locals.

This trip was truly an awakening. I never knew I could feel so awake, so at peace, and so powerful. We get so flooded in our stereotypical lives working and cleaning, that we forget there are other lives out there at all. I brought this peace and power home with me. But, the friend I met Lauren, quit her job and moved to Costa Rica where she now runs her own retreat. Maybe I’m next? Probably not. But, obviously this awakening rushed through all of us.