In 2019 I made a goal of wearing less makeup and more makeup too. I was going for an all or nothing approach . I wanted to get better at makeup but also wear no makeup more often.

The problem with going bare, with no makeup was all the damage I had already done . When I took off make makeup I didn’t feel confident . My skin looked uneven and tired. More pressingly was the problem that it made me feel ugly . Here is how I transformed myself into a no makeup girl.

💕Don’t wear makeup no matter how you feel . Easy but soooo hard . This is the most important step . The less I wore makeup, the more my skin cleared and evened out . More importantly, the less I wore makeup the more confident I felt in my own skin.

💕Use the right products when you do use makeup. I am the queen of cheap . A title some people would hate , but that I don’t mind at all. Problem being a lot of the cheap cosmetics had terrible chemicals and effects on my skin. Now I do a combo, I can’t really afford to use all high quality products . But when I can spend a little more I do , after researching the quality . I use quality face lotion and foundation to create a safe base for my makeup.

💕Develop a night care routine. I clean all my makeup off and then wash my face . I follow up with a wrinkle serum and a quality night cream . Taking care of my skin at night leaves me waking glowing .

💕Mask based on your mood and skin. My skin changes with my mood . I try to do a face mask once a week , but I can’t just buy in bulk. I buy the face mask the day I’ll do it . Only the day of do I know what my skin and mood needs . Sometimes it needs relaxation , and other days a hydrating mask , I flow with the skin.

My daily skin care line up