Yin Yoga does not get enough credit . I have battled extreme anxiety for most of my life . I’ve had crippling panic attacks . The older I get the less I have, but this isn’t always a good thing . Instead I’ve bottled up for longer and longer . I’ve tried medications, yoga, exercise , therapy and all the other tricks , but only one thing releasing that energy for me . Yin yoga is a slow and careful practice in holding poses, here are 5 reasons you should be doing it .

1. It heals the body physically. My body is in constant pain . My back is never satisfied and my hips always hurts. Yin yoga always realigns the body. If you are doing it right then your body is evenly stretched and worked on each side . I walk away , well feeling like I can walk again. The pain literally disappears for me as soon as I leave practice.

2. It’s just for you and that’s just what you need. I can become trapped in my own dark hurricane of always being productive . Even when I sit down to watch TV I can’t help but pull out my phone and work on something . But Yin is just for me . It doesn’t burn a ton of calories , but that even more makes me feel like it’s just for me . It is a time of day where I completely surrender .

3. It improves your flexibility . The more I practice Yen Yoga the more I see incredible progress in flexibility . Most notably those places you know you’re really not flexible . When you stay in a pose stretching without effort your body will really just ease into it.

4. It will teach you to withstand pain. Ok I realize that sentence doesn’t seem very comforting or appealing . But it has become second nature to me through Yen Yoga. I remember one of my yoga instructors telling me for Yen Yoga that once you feel pain just recognize that it’s there and then to relax . I never notice any pain during Yen Yoga now , I breath through challenges . Yin has taught me to be patient and breath through pain. Warning: This should be healthy pain and challenge . Pain could mean injury so be careful and follow any instructor’s guidance during practice .

5. It will transform your mental health. My anxiety is finally manageable through Yen Yoga . It completely slows me down and gives me time to meditate . Emotions that I have pent up flow out during certain poses , which can happen because of the release of where we hold your stress . It will allow you to release all you have been holding on your shoulders and with a clear head afterwards you will feel ready to be strong once again.