🖤I am the self appointed Queen of lists . There is nothing more satisfying to me than a good list . One of the most important lists you can keep are ongoing lists, lists I can always add to . Making sure I keep ongoing lists prevents me from constantly starting over .

🖤I find my phone is the best place to keep these lists because they never get lost . I keep mine in the notebook app. Below is a list of my ongoing lists ! #listqueenforever

🖤My general to do- I reference or add to this list daily. I have anxiety like no other and being able to add to this list as soon as something pops into my mind is really relieving . I also like to not clear it ever . So I can always look back at all the things I have already accomplished .

🖤My husband’s general to do . I don’t give this to my husband ever . I don’t really think he even knows it exists . But one beautiful thing about my marriage is that I know he will help me whenever I want him to. Keeping this ongoing list allows me to delegate tasks to him and cut down on me feeling overwhelmed . Also when he schedules his week I can give this list a quick look and ask him if he can add one of the tasks .

🖤My “Daily’s”. Sometimes I’m a bullet journal girl or sometimes these are just built into my schedule during the day. I change how I organize my days all the time because I get easily bored. But regardless remembering things I’m passionate about working on can be difficult. These are items I want to work on doing everyday. I never hit them all but make new goals all the time of which ones I want to hit. This is so easy to track for days when I randomly think things like you know what I should get better at? Journaling . I can always see what I want to incorporate more in my life.

🖤 Finally, the wants list. This is the most fun list to keep. I get almost a satisfaction with likeness to shopping when I add stuff I want to it . This list makes it easy when a holiday or other comes and someone asks me what I want. But it also saves me money. When I feel it’s time to reward myself or but myself something I return to the list . Instead of just buying something random and then later having to buy something I really want, I can cut out that middle man. It’s hard to remember things like I really wanted some new heels when I’m in a shopping whirlwind so I love having this list to refer to.