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I received the Makeup Eraser in a FabFitFun box . What is it? A cloth that takes off your makeup . You just add water . I was so skeptical when I saw it in the box. But I have to say I love it . Check out my review below

🖤 10/10 on a scale of 1 to Scarlett Johansson

🖤 Price – $20

🖤Pros- Death to waste! I feel so wasteful every time I use my makeup wipes. It takes about two to take off my makeup every time. Sometimes they irritate my skin and even if they don’t, my skin is left feeling wet and unhealthy. The makeup eraser solves all these problems. No waste at all it’s just the cloth! It cleans my face better than wipes and some face wash. It gets my waterproof everything that I usually have to rub and rub to get off. My face is left feeling fresh and healthy.

🖤 Cons- Admittedly, this con might not exist if I had read the instructions . My Makeup Eraser is stained with makeup , even after washing . Buuuuut it says in the instructions to wash before use to prevent this and I did not do that! So it may clean better if I did . I will get a new one and let you guys know. But the stains have not impacted the quality or the power of the cloth.