Keeping my home clean can feel impossible. My husband and I have a decent amount of square feet. Unfortunately neither of us are naturally neat. I envy those who say things like “ Oh he keeps the house spotless “ or “ Ya it really bothers me when he leaves his shoes out” I have to act like a relate well staring at my cluttered and dirty home.

I’ve spent years researching how to keep my home clean. I’ve tried devideing chores, cleaning with a timer , hiring a cleaner , clean as I go , and researched and researched how I could possibly do this . But nothing was working .

My mother and father keep a beautifully clean home. My mother once told me she cleans 20 items a night . A number feels so satisfying and gets things done. Also there is a strange part of me that loves counting

But it was just never enough to keep our home clean. Then I decided to shoot for the stars . Could I clean up 100 items a day? Turns out this was my special number. It’s not as much as it sounds . Usually takes me below 30 minutes to get done . My house has been spotless since I started using this rule.

It has me working quick. I know when I get to 100 I’m done. So I love zooming through the house and knocking out as much as I can

After a couple of days of doing this I would start running out of 100 items . That’s when I’d get in deep cleaning and organizing. Once I have nothing else to pick up and say I’m at 50 I start deep cleaning and organizing. I keep a list for things I want to deep clean and organize and give myself pick up points for doing that. For example maybe 20 for sweeping or 50 for organizing a drawer.

The 100 rule has worked wonders for my home. I’m no longer terrified of unexpected visitors. I also don’t panic about cleaning non stop before an expected visitor arrives. If your like me and just can’t seem to keep your home clean no matter what you try you should give my 100 rule a shot.