This all feels so overwhelming . For me I’m having a hard time being positive when I know so many people are struggling . But I’m trying my best everyday . When our entire lives get turned upside down it can be easy to forget what we need to live . What do I do when I’m home all day for possible months? What do I normally take care of that I still need to have while in isolation? I spent some time this morning giving myself reminders . What do I need to live ? After that I start scheduling it , start fitting it in throughout the week.

1. We need food and resources . This is difficult as people have left the stores empty . My husband and I have had lots of success with favor so if you have that option or a similar one I highly suggest it . I have slowly built up a collection of food and resources without shopping too much knowing other people need them too. Please think of your pets . About day 2 of this my husband and I found it hard to find dog food . So think and plan ahead for food and resources for your pets too.

2. We need to stay social. Make a list of everyone you really care about . Consider who would be your top 8 on MySpace . Call them and FaceTime them. Schedule a drink over the phone and send them texts to check in . Stay social online, this is not just for you but for everyone. Everyone needs some human interaction right now. Not to mention you are supporting companies and people by engaging online as much as possible. Find your online community , join online events, and visit online experiences .

3. Have fun . I was most prepared for this . When this all started I jumped on amazon right away. I ordered nerf guns. This silly toy has already brought so much joy in our house. When the package arrived my husband and I immediately fell into a war and running around the house playing was so fun. Tonight we have a date at the “dining room” restaurant then a movie at the movie theater “ the living room.” Find ways to find joy at home and if your fortunate enough to have someone else there with you give them joy too. I will have another blog soon explaining some of the ways I’m bringing the world of activities into our home.

4. Stay Physically Active . It’s easy to lose this when you feel down . Yesterday I failed . I fell down into a hole . If I’m honest though sometimes I need that , to just let go and fall . I laid in bed watching movies all day and snacking non stop. It’s not always perfect. But I’m ready to fight again today. I know I need exercise even if I’m cooped up at home. But why not take this a bit further. I vow to work out hard (better for my happiness anyway) and am setting a covid fitness goal. Can I fit into those size 2s once covid is over ? I’m going to try .

5. Prepare Financially I realize my privilege is showing here . I know so many people are scared financially in much larger ways . But if you are like me and still have a position and pay here is what I suggest . Work harder where you can and budget wisely here . Once this is over we may be in a rough economic place . Prepare as much as possible for what this will look like financially in a year by thinking about ways to increase income . Also keep supporting the economy , buy things you need and even something you want .

6. Help Others So far I am pretty grossed out by people’s behavior in this time . Everyone is scared . This is the most important time to stay kind , to anyone and everyone you talk to. Pay attention to the news , think of those struggling the most . Out hospitality and arts community are out of jobs , spread information (fact check) , donate to causes, and reach out to people you personally know in need . Just be a good person right now , our humanity depends on it.

7. Stay Mentally Healthy During times like these I refer to one of my favorite Charles Bukowski quotes . “ What matters most is how you walk through fire” This is a lot to handle mentally no matter who you are . Understand this, name this, and recognize it. Don’t ignore that your heart and brain are panicked to a certain extent. Now work harder on finding peace, write, read , meditate , and allow yourself to process .

8. Learn We are incredibly fortunate to be isolated in a time of educational resources in abundance. Let your brain grow during this process. Read books, order workbooks, take an online course somewhere like Udemy. Just take time to learn something you’ve always wanted time to learn .

9. Go outside . Maybe for you this just means opening a window or standing on the balcony but do what it takes to breathe in that fresh air and if your lucky soak in some sun.

10. Fall Madly and Deeply In Love I am so fortunate to be isolated with my husband who I am already head over heels for . Life can be so busy it’s easy to get so wrapped up in it that my husband and I don’t get enough quality time . Now we have so much time , we are invested in playing together , dating in home, and being emotionally sound for one another. I’m going to use the time to strengthen our love in this strange time .