Isolation and lock down has a never-ending list of cons. I’ve also heard so many pros and suggestions rest, love, laugh , etc. On top of that we have people still having to work, taking care of children, and trying to stay sane. It can be hard to find a break during this time depending on your situation. This break is easy and doesn’t take up more time, in fact it should give you some more time.

This can be a period of healing even if you are stressed and busy and feel like you’re just getting by. For me one of the ways I am healing is through how I care for myself.

My poor hair has been through a lot. I get so bored so easily and I often take that out on my hair. I don’t think it has been my natural hair color since I was a teen. I wake up every morning and curl, straighten, do whatever to it to be presentable.

But this is the time to give your hair a break. There is less pressure to make it perfect, less pressure to have it look exactly how you want it. Here is how you can give your hair a break.

*Don’t dye your own hair-It is so tempting. No one will see me, if I try this new bright green. But, even more can’t you just let your hair breathe for a while? Wait to dye it till the salons are back open, trust me your hair will thank you .

*Don’t use your hair dryer– Let your hair dry naturally, you have the time and no one is judging you.

*Style without tools- This is the perfect time to experiment with non-heat methods of styling your hair. For me I throw it in french braids and keep them in for a long time, then when I take them out I have curls for days. Your system may be different, maybe you just need a high bun to give you volume, or to crunch up your hair when it’s wet.

Just give your hair a break and practice natural.