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I am forever in a battle with my weight. Some people don’t have this issue. My husband has a six pack , A SIX PACK . He rarely works out and always eats whatever he wants and a lot of it. If I go a couple days without watching what I eat or working out I balloon up . So unfair ! But over time I’ve come to love my body and come to terms with how to make it feel good. My body is all about maintenance . I have to make it a daily focus for me . This daily focus is good for you all because I have tried it all ! More people than ever are at home working out. I have always worked out 100% at home and these are my favorite apps that help me stay in shape .

1. Lose It-

This one is my go to app for tracking my food . The reality is before I lost 40 pounds I had another enemy that I tend to forget about . Binge eating . It seems almost distant now and unreal. But I remember the nights watching tv and eating whatever I could find. Lose it is an amazing way to make sure I am watching this. I had a couple nights of too much eating last week and immediately downloaded lose it. It’s a simple calorie tracker with a goal. I like it because it makes me watch what I eat. Sometimes I also find out that I am not as behind as I thought. Sometimes we splurge and just feel like you did something bad so you just give up and keep going . But if you splurge and log it the visual is usually less bad than I think and I’m not motivated to keep eating or give up. Finally I love this app because it lets me see where I go over and what it takes to make up for it. I accidentally when 100 calories over yesterday ? I can do a quit 100 calorie work out today and no I’m still on track to keep losing.

2. GLO

This one costs and I am happy to flip the bill. There is a 15 day trial though which can help you decide if you love it as much as I do. This app includes Pilates, yoga , and meditation . I use the app weekly . What I love about it is the amount of options and teachers. There are thousands of classes so I never get bored and can always find exactly what I want. Classes vary from 5 minutes to 80 , and with a variety of types of courses too. I love that you can also find teachers on here that you love and you can take other classes from them . This app is probably my number one. I would get rid of any other app I own just to keep this one. It feels like a home within an app.

3. Neou

Ok are you ready to get more aggressive? Yoga and tracking my calories are my key. But not the key to progress as much as my maintenance. When I want to see more serious progress I need to hit more serious workouts. NEOU has training courses you can take with multiple classes or you can choose individual courses. I spent many years of my young adult life as a dancer . So it is naturally one of my favorite work outs. It’s one of the reasons that I found this app in the first place , because I was looking for dance classes that really brought it .