Virtual learning has become the new normal for many people across the world. I am a teacher and virtual learning has already been a roller coaster of learning for both myself and my students. I have so many friends with children and I have heard grief over virtual learning that can’t be matched. I have spent 6 years teaching gathering resources. The past couple of weeks I have poured myself into even more resources for virtual learning. This list can be a resource for teachers and parents alike to tackle virtual learning.

Teachers Pay Teachers:

If you are already a teacher you already know about this website. We can easily forget some of the best resources in this time of chaos. Parents this is your chance to dig in to our materials. You can find material on this website for any grade and any subject. I submit novel studies to this website which is great for individual learning based around a book you might have.

Teachers are constantly recreating the wheel. We all create things that already exist. I have been using for some of my virtual learning videos. This website again covers every grade and every subject. There are already made assignments and videos that are of high quality. This one is more expensive. I am on a trial but after that it will be 60 dollars a month. That is definitely the flaw of, but in my opinion the quality of work on this page is worth the price.

Kahn Academy

We live in an academic world focused so much on test taking. Although, many tests have been cancelled this year, we can assume they will resume again. The big concern is that our students won’t be ready. Kahn Academy is aligned to tests, so really provides the test taking skills and practice that students really need right now. It covers different contents and has all sorts of resources to support them through the process. If your student is not already registered on Kahn Academy now is definitely the time.