I am much like so many other people who find it easy to snack during quarantine . I had two days towards the beginning where I just laid in bed and ate all day. It’s ok to feel how you feel. It’s ok to not set wild goals to achieve during quarantine . You are doing well by just surviving . But if your looking for some tips as to how to not gain weight during quarantine here are a couple tips that have been helping me .

1. 🖤Don’t eat when you’re bored – so much easier said than done I know . But be sure you are asking yourself , am I bored or hungry. If the answer is bored , find something to do instead . Another way I am able to tell the difference is to ask yourself if you are so hungry you want to eat something healthy. If I’m not hungry enough to want an apple …then I’m not hungry.

2. 🖤Work out to get out energy- When stress or anxiety overtakes you it’s easy to want to snack. Instead take out that energy on a work out . It actually works much better than just keeping that energy in and mindlessly eating.

3. 🖤Stay active- So many people are working from home now . I am a teacher, I am usually walking and running all day. But now I find myself stuck in front of a screen. Get up and move. After I complete a work task I get up and just walk or even clean something simple

4. 🖤Make a challenge- Write yourself a list of work outs : 10 lunges , 5 burpees , etc. Then just slowly complete that list. It doesn’t need to be in one workout. But it will keep your moving .

5. 🖤Pick up a new work out- I am a yoga gal. But it’s always fun to try something new especially when we are trapped inside . So have some fun. Why not decide today you are a boxer, a belly dancer, or a ballroom dancer. Pick a new fun workout and watch YouTube videos on it while you’re picking up a new work out.