Welcome to my very first face off ! I had a face off of FabFitFun vs PopSugar Must Have. Both of these are seasonal boxes filled with full price products. I loooove me some boxes full of goodies and was so excited to give these both a shot. Here is the play by play .

PopSugar Must Have

Price- 75

🖤Ordering for both PopSugar Must Have and FabFitFun was easy! I also really enjoyed that both give you the option to pick some of your own goodies.

🖤POPSugar Must Have took me so long to get . After about a month I emailed in. They said ok now it’s on the way. But all they had done was make a shipping label. It didn’t actually ship until I emailed in again a week later.

🖤I like how some of the items were clearly high quality. I got a dish that is just gorgeous , and some skin care I’m in love with.

🖤I loved the variety. I got items for my home , a snack, and thank you cards

🖤There were 5 high and full scale quality products in my box .

🖤I was more excited to open the box than I was when I had opened it . There was only one item I was in love with, the skin care seen below .

🖤I feel like half of this box was just another box, which was disappointing

Fab Fit Fun

🖤Price- $50

🖤Fab Fit Fun also gave some options for picking your own stuff. Neither gave me a whole lot of options. But I kind of like the surprise of it all.

🖤I loved and use pretty much every item in this box. I especially like the beauty products .

🖤Only one product I was not a fan of which was a large sweater that was way too big. But who knows maybe I’ll like it with time .


Fab Fit Fun easily won this contest in my opinion. I can’t wait to get my next box. It is cheaper, more items I actually like. Pop Sugar may have some more expensive items but they weren’t items I really wanted. Fab Fit Fun has quality items and is so fun to go through.