1. Have a marathon based on an actress\actor

2. Write down 5 bad things you have done in your life. Do 5 good things . Burn the list

3. Make up an entire dance . It’s a work out and satisfying the child in you that was a professional choreographer .

4. Find a role model online. There are so many inspiring people on social media. Find your people and join in.

5. Recreate a childhood photo. Find a photo you think you could pull off and try to recreate it !

6. Start making all your stuff. Especially with looming financial issues ahead there is not better time. Start one item in your house at a time and decide how you could make it yourself.

7. 100 nice things . Track every nice think you say or do till you get to 100. Make sure your using it to inspire more kindness.

8. Write a letter . The time has come . Writing letters is back in style and more important than ever !

9. Play a work out game instead of a drinking game. Use those skills of turning anything into a drinking game and instead turn anything into a workout game .

10. Return to childhood jams. Spend a whole day listening only to childhood jams! Create a playlist . For me it’s some Biwitched, Nirvana, and Spice Girls.