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There is so much we don’t know right now, and so much we don’t know about the future. One thing is absolute, the future will be different. I think the fear living and eating off of all of our hearts right now is the fear that we don’t know what that means, we don’t know what the future would look like. Being someone who fights constant anxiety, I know what it feels like to be afraid of what the future looks like.

But, what if all that fear is for naught? What if the future we are all so wary of is in your own hands? We decide what the future looks like. We decide where to invest our time, energy, and money. We decide what our own future looks like and what the future of the world looks like. So instead of sitting around considering all the terrible ways you can possibly envision the future, let’s invest in it instead. Here are 5 ways you can support a better tomorrow.

1.Spread Kindness Like Confetti– This is the time to let your kindness run wild. The world needs so much of it right now that there is never enough. Be kind when it comes naturally, and then be so kind it feels like too much. Send flowers, call people, leave gifts for drivers, give compliments, hype people up all over online, write a letter, and send muffins to the neighbors.

2. Be Safe – There is this spreading desire to risk it all right now so that we don’t lose it all. But here is what I would argue. If you want to invest in our future we have to slow the virus down. I want to be coming up with a new excuse to miss social gatherings just as much as the next person. But, we have to be safe so that we can move on in a shorter time frame. You think 2 months of having to shut down is bad? Then you won’t be happy if we have to spend the next year being shut down because we can’t slow it down.

3. Donate to Those in Need– Unfortunately, that is so many people right now. When this passes, when we all move on to a new normal you will remember this. You will remember what you did during the pandemic. You will remember whether you helped those in need or you pushed over a woman to get the last toilet paper. Remember that when a pandemic happened you put in your hand and helped those in need. Look up something important to you and donate today, everyone needs your help.

4. Use Your Voice – Change is in the air, it is coming whether you decide to use your voice or not. Don’t let others drown out your voice when it is needed the most. This can be complicated, you can deliver a virtual moving speech or begin a movement. But, it can also be simple . Here are some petitions I’m currently supporting. Petitions have been more and more successful, especially right now as the spotlight is constantly moving and how companies are acting is important.



5. Use Your Skill– You have a talent hiding. Even if you feel like you don’t, you can if you put your mind to it. Choose something creative and engulf yourself in it. There has literally never been a better time. When the world resumes and we can live freely again, my hope is that there is a flood of creativity just waiting to arrive. Most of it can be something you can share from home too, sing a song online, paint a picture, sew a dress, or write a poem. Lets bring hope and art back ❤

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