We have all become homebodies . I can say at least for myself that my spirit feels like it has had enough. It craves new. I believe that what we need as humans is new . New places, new experiences, and new views to both look forward to and to actually experience. One silver lining is the one thing we do have control over is our home . So why not use that power to create new views in the comfort of your own home.

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🖤 Why is now the time?

I am naturally an introvert for the most part . So 2 months staying inside under different circumstances would have felt good for me . But as humans we can only do the same thing for so long . We crave change and we need it now. So create change where you can. I am a big supporter of the new shave your head trend happening ! But if you’re like me and not to the shave your head stage , redecorating can feel like a big change for little money if you do it right. As we navigate these challenging times you have to move and change when you feel yourself feeling anxious or desperate to shift.

🖤How to redecorate?

First you should take it slowly . Let’s be honest, you probably have the time . I start with first deep cleaning and organizing each room before I redecorate it . This gives me time to save up to redecorate room by room. But it also adds to the newness of the room in the end .

🖤What if I can’t afford it ?

you don’t have to buy all new things to redecorate. I start by removing all the decorations from the room and setting aside . Then I go shopping in my own home. I take from other rooms and from storage, and see materials I have to create something new. Moving an object from one room to another seems simple, but makes it feel like a whole new object .

🖤How can I embrace the new?

Once you have a clean, organized, and redecorated room it truly feels like a new place. Embrace your change and the new. Take time to appreciate each detail and spend some time in the new space. Once you feel yourself getting used to the new room, ground yourself again. Let’s prolong that joy, look at it like your looking at it for the first time.

A few items around my home that brought me joy !