I am on overdrive all of the time. I am writing for my blog, I go above and beyond at work, I keep my home spotless, my relationships in place, and am constantly working towards multiple big goals. This seems like the dream. I get so much done and often have a lot to show for it.

Life is such a tricky balance though. Yes I crave success and development . But I’ve got that, we always have control over that. I’m constantly stressing and constantly moving towards my goals. Is that how we are meant to spend this short precious life though?

  1. Soak Up The Sun

If there is one thing my dog will not pass up it is to take some time soaking up the sun. If there is just a ray of sunlight entering my home he will move there and just live in it for a bit. We only really want the sun when it’s not there. I had three days of sunlight last week that I did not take advantage of, but the second we had a rainy day I felt deprived. So do what you need to to soak up some sun. Open your blinds and windows and let the sun in. Go sit outside and just live in for a moment. Don’t go out and say ok I’ll sit in the sun but also I have to read this article, just go sit in it without any other goals but to soak it in.

When I was pondering this the other day I looked out at my dog as we sat outside. He was just sitting there. Not really looking at anything, not really doing anything, just being, and I realized we could all use to live a bit more like our dogs. What follows are five lessons we should take from our dogs.

2. Take More Naps

This is probably the hardest for me. When my internal alarm clock wakes me up at 5am my mind starts going a million miles per minute. If I try to take a nap I just lay there thinking about all the things I need to get done. But my dog, he naps better than anyone. He just lets himself rest and sleep without any guilt. Curl yourself up in a cozy blanket and take a nap. If you are like me and have a hard time turning off, meditate or do some yoga first to bring yourself down. But nap is not wasted time. It is time you are giving yourself to be at peace and recharge.

3. Appreciate Your Loved Ones

There is not quite another feeling as sweet as my dog’s excitement when I come home. With the current situation his excitement hasn’t changed. If I open the door he is excited to see me. If he gets scared of a loud noise or our new vacuum he sits closely at my side. Dogs love us and they show it. We love our loved ones but do we always show it? Try to find the joy and excitement your dog has for your own loved ones. They live and love like they thought they would never see us again! Why can’t we bring that same joy to our loved ones. It shows his ability to live in the moment by being grateful for every interaction.

4. Release Extra Energy

My dog spends most of his time lounging . But when he has energy, everyone knows it . He runs around the house, he chases our cat, brings us toys to play with him, begs to go outside and once he gets out he runs and runs around the yard for seemingly no reason. When I have extra energy, it’s usually anxiety. I will feel it start to rush through my blood. Know what I do? Nothing. I continue what I’m doing only anxiously now with my foot tapping or whole chewing on a pen. I am working on this lesson from my dog. When you feel energy start to rush through you listen to it. Go for a walk, go annoy your husband or wife, workout, or play with your dog , just do something to release .

5. Be in the Moment

This is by far the most important lesson from my dog. It’s also the reasoning for the other lessons. Our dogs live in the moment, unlike humans who constantly have another agenda. I get it. Dogs don’t have another agenda to worry about. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a worthy lesson. Everywhere we go and everything we do , he is just there . Just laying in the sun, just playing , just napping , and just loving. I challenge us all when you are in the chaos of life to be reminded when you see your dog , to give time to just be in the moment.

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