Disclaimer: All my posts contain Amazon Affiliate links. I would receive compensation if you purchased the item. I still give honest reviews and only recommend products that I love and might be something you are interested in.

1. This robot vacuum! I have been creeping on robot vacuums for years. I hate vacuuming and I always looked at them with an almost forbidden love look in my eyes . I just could never justify flipping the bill. But I did it and I will never ever go back. I was constantly battling my floors before this. We have a cat and a dog who leave the riot hair everywhere . Since we got this I am obsessed it does all the cleaning for me and our home has never felt cleaner. I’m amazed at how well it does and how much my own allergies have improved. If you splurge on anything it should be this , it is the biggest game changer.

2. A cozy hammock! I’m finding much more time for quality reading and getting cozy. There is nothing cozier than cuddling in on a hammock and reading a good book. It’s a child like comfort that we all need right now. Get your own hammock and you’ll find a new place to find peace during these strange times .

3. This sea salt spray! I have almost used the entire bottle at this point . I am trying to avoid heat more on my hair during quarantine by giving it time to heal. This sea salt spray is literally a miracle. I love to throw my hair in braids, spray down with this spray, and the next day I have long lasting and healthy curls .

4. Wireless charger – My husband bought this for me . I had no idea what a game changer it would be for such a cheap price . I was forever fighting the phone charger next to my bed. Then it would break and I’d do that thing where I would hold it at a certain angle. I would be fumbling off my bed to find the charger every night. This changed it all ! It’s so easy to just place my phone next to my bed on the charger . It has saved me so much little stress that I didn’t know was impacting me.

5. AirPods- This was a bigger purchase I made about a year ago. But they have been crucial during quarantine. Now that my husband and I are both operating from home, these AirPods are crucial. I can use them for meetings and virtual happy hours . But I also love how when my husband is sleeping or working I can pop them in and listen to some music while cleaning or working without interrupting him. They are a key tool during quarantine when a little silence in the house goes a long way.