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We are stuck inside during the most accessible point in history. We have an entire internet of resources at our disposal to learn from . One of my favorite things to do is watch YouTube. I like to throw it on while I’m cleaning or when I just need a break. Quarantine has given me extra time to learn from some of my favorites .

Find a time in your day where you learn. Whether it’s well you get ready or while you cook dinner, and whether it’s beauty gurus or history buffs. It’s a small thing you can do in your day that will add up to you learning a lot . Here are five beauty gurus I’m loving right now if your looking to learn more about beauty .

1. Raw Beauty Kristi

Kristi is everything I need in a teacher. She is funny and relatable . I don’t think any other YouTuber is as real and fun as she is. She is also clearly an expert with makeup but also lets you peep into other parts of her life as well. She does a lot of trials which I love because I learn technique even through the trial periods .

2. Princess Rese

Ok this is funny. Princess Rese is the opposite of Kristi. Kristi serves so much fun energy and Princess Rese serves such a calming energy. I love her videos because they feel like no nonsense . She is so talented but doesn’t put on a wild show about it . Instead she just really teaches you and I appreciate that peace in a chaotic world.

3. Shelbey Wilson

I love Shelbey’s variety in videos . She is super relaxed as well and very informative. But she has every makeup video I can think of. I love that she has tried out all these styles instead of staying in one zone. I love to play with new looks and am bored easily . Her vault of videos always satisfies my need for constant change.


Brianna Fox

Brianna is here because in my opinion she is the best. Her looks are just flawless and she clearly has a natural talent for makeup. But it isn’t just makeup, her tutorial videos truly cover all beauty areas. She is someone I can watch for days and learn so much from.