1. Enjoy Your Taste Buds

I have been to a select few very expensive restaurants and am always just in awe with what we can create to appeal to the sense of taste. But one way to be happier is to experience this special feeling everyday. Your body and mind hear you. If you think before you eat or drink anything that it’s the best in the world, it will feel that way. Is it my everyday coffee I’m about to drink? Or am I about to drink an all natural coffee that’s been rated the very best in the world? If I tell myself the latter I will find joy and I will note new tastes and appreciate the simple things.

2. Hype Others Up

Go in-line with the sole intention of hyping others up. So often social media and the internet can feel negative. It’s easy to feel jealous or judgmental because our own ego feels hurt. But the internet doesn’t have to be a dark mark on our world , in fact you can help to brighten it. I now feel positive about my social media use and have found that my first instinct is hyping and looking up to women and it wasn’t always so positive.

3. Take Control Of Your Own Life

What is keeping you from happiness? If your answer is anything but YOU then you could use some new perspective . Your happiness relies on your perception of what is happening around you. How can we work this into a physical action? Write down your issues or problems that challenge your happiness . Then look through each and decide how you can change your perspective of it, fight the emotions you have attached to it , and make a change yourself that could help. For example, my husband tends to sleep in which is something I have let bother me before. But , instead I changed my perspective . I now really appreciate my alone morning time. I decided to let him sleep and that made our relationship less tense and took something off of my plate that I had grown to think was my responsibility .

4. Blast Some Music and Dance

I feel like we all know about this trick but rarely embrace it . Dancing to some music you love will give you a peace that you may have forgot existed. Find a moment you are alone and just let yourself release. If you are not an avid dancer then take it one small step at a time. Pick one song, put in those head phones, close your eyes and dance . If you hate it you can never do it again. But what’s one song, what will that take from you and what could you gain?

5. Pick Up Something You Left Behind

What did you want to be? What goals did you set aside to pursue another? Pick one of those goals back up and you’ll find a nostalgic and fulfilling joy in chasing it . In 8th grade did you want to be a writer? What about in college when you wondered if you wanted to play soccer? One way to do this is to make a list of lost dreams. What dreams were lost that are still calling you? Then carve out time to pick up that hobby once again. Now a list of lost dreams can feel like a downer, I always follow up lists or thoughts like this with a list of everything I have achieved. Although lists to analyze what you may be missing or effective and necessary, lists of what you have done are just as important and allow you to walk forward in a place of accomplishment.

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