We spend most of our lives hearing that we have to follow our passions . We are told that if we work a job we love we never work a day in our lives. It all sounds so easy and so simple. But it’s not that simple at all. Everyone’s advice is to do something you love but no one is there telling you what you love. I’ve created 5 ways to determine your passion. Once you have your passion break it into a goal and achieve it. That’s what’s beautiful about life once you know it you can grab it.

1. Right down everything you can think of that brings you joy. This can be a really fun activity that also feels therapeutic. Use it as a wild brainstorm! Include everything , not just work related things . Include things like flowers and family but also with larger things like travel and writing. Here is my most recent brainstorm.

2. Dip your toes in the pond. I think society has told us in high school and college to try things out and find what you like! But then it’s over . Try things at those ages and then once you decide your following that path. But life isn’t as boring as society tries to make it. We only live once and it is outrageous to think that we can’t start new at any time. In fact you’ll feel more fulfilled the more you experience and less you live in a box. So try new things. Select one new thing and start now, you may fall in love but either way you will have fun. So decide to learn guitar, learn Russian, or learn to knit. Just pick something that you’ve never done and give it a shot.

3. Who do you admire? Is there an old friend or coworker that you really look up to . Maybe you look forward to their social media because it always looks so cool or fun. That’s your passion calling. If your always admiring the yoga instructor working in Costa Rica , it’s probably because your passion is trying to call you in. So take a moment and contemplate who you think is living the dream and how that might be telling you exactly what you need.

4. Decide what you are good at. This can be difficult for me because we live in a very competitive society where everyone is an expert on something making it hard to feel good at anything. So in order to really see what your good at you have to make sure you aren’t comparing yourself to others . One way to do this is to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You know all the same information your self esteem just might not allow you to embrace it. Pick someone you know very well, for me it’s my husband. Decide what they think you are good at ! My husband would say I’m good at cooking and writing , so I can use that to work even more on both.

5 Read more ! It is hard with time and money to experience the world how we would all like to. The more experiences you have the more likely you are to discover your true passions. Now it has become even harder with Covid to travel and experience . The good news? The reading world is thriving . Whether you read non-fiction or fiction you are opening yourself up to opportunities and experiences you wouldn’t otherwise have. This can provide so many doors waiting to be open where quite possibly you will find a passion that has been waiting for you.