I love shopping. Do I love it too much? Probably . But we are all getting better . We are embracing the change brought about by unrest and becoming better people. Covid has caused myself and so many to be shopping from home more than ever. But where you shop matters . I want my money to support businesses that support my morals and view points. Here are 3 businesses you should support .

1. Etsy-

I try to do as much shopping on Etsy as possible . A benefit is that I always am able to give unique gifts and products for myself are high quality. But also because Etsy means supporting individuals and art which is so important . Here is the good stuff, Etsy is donating 1 million dollars to justice reform and black-led institutions . It even has a category where you can specifically support black sellers . It is a win win win and Etsy is a great place to spend your money right now.

2. Packagefreeshop.com

The environment has seen some benefits from Covid-19 . But packaging has been high for people since so many are shopping from home. I am actively trying to become more environmentally friendly at our home but it can be actually difficult to find quality products lately. Package Free Shop has lifestyle items that you are already buying for around your house. They are a zero waste company that will send their products to you in recyclable packaging giving you the chance to avoid that dreaded single use plastic .

3. Levi’s

Beginning with my own selfish needs, I find a certain amount of nostalgia in supporting companies that have been around for a long time . But luckily Levi’s is also stepping up ethically. They are donating 200,000 to the Black Lives Matter movement and have been vocal about their support . They are working on becoming environmentally friendly as well. They are working with reusable products and hemp in the creation of their jeans. But also jeans themselves can last you for a long time and don’t need to be constantly washed so if you care for a pair of jeans it should help you to buy less .