Travel has been put on hold for the most part. It seems like the worst time for summer break and everyone just wants to get out of the house. My own experience is that my husband and I just moved to Austin a year ago and it seems like we made that choice at the absolute worst time.

It occurred to me though that this was a great time to take advantage of whatever city you are in. We are so busy spending our lives trying to get out of our city that maybe Covid was a way for us to appreciate being inside it .

My suggestion is that you use this time to take advantage of your city. Look at it with brand new eyes . Cities are constantly growing and changing and whether or not you have been in yours for 30 years doesn’t matter, something new is waiting out there for you. Here are a few ways to take advantage of the city you are in.

1. Become an enthusiast . If you log on to Instagram and follow hashtags related to your city you will be amazed at cool opportunities you find . I would suggest expanding it to your state to find even more cool things to do . I found this showed me not only cool new things but also gave me a good idea of which places are behind Covid smart.

2. Join Facebook Groups. I am new to joining Facebook groups and I simply can’t stop. They are such great communities to meet new people especially in the time of Covid. Now is the time to join Facebook groups in your city because it’s a great way to find out about new experiences and you can be so specific about what your interests are.

3. Research like you’re a tourist. Research what to do in your city and unique experiences. Then research cool experiences, and you can check their Covid policies. Some unexpected places actually have some really great precautions so you might be pleasantly surprised.