How to take advantage of your city

Travel has been put on hold for the most part. It seems like the worst time for summer break and everyone just wants to get out of the house. My own experience is that my husband and I just moved to Austin a year ago and it seems like we made that choice at the absolute worst time.

It occurred to me though that this was a great time to take advantage of whatever city you are in. We are so busy spending our lives trying to get out of our city that maybe Covid was a way for us to appreciate being inside it .

My suggestion is that you use this time to take advantage of your city. Look at it with brand new eyes . Cities are constantly growing and changing and whether or not you have been in yours for 30 years doesn’t matter, something new is waiting out there for you. Here are a few ways to take advantage of the city you are in.

1. Become an enthusiast . If you log on to Instagram and follow hashtags related to your city you will be amazed at cool opportunities you find . I would suggest expanding it to your state to find even more cool things to do . I found this showed me not only cool new things but also gave me a good idea of which places are behind Covid smart.

2. Join Facebook Groups. I am new to joining Facebook groups and I simply can’t stop. They are such great communities to meet new people especially in the time of Covid. Now is the time to join Facebook groups in your city because it’s a great way to find out about new experiences and you can be so specific about what your interests are.

3. Research like you’re a tourist. Research what to do in your city and unique experiences. Then research cool experiences, and you can check their Covid policies. Some unexpected places actually have some really great precautions so you might be pleasantly surprised.

Where You Shop Matters 1

I love shopping. Do I love it too much? Probably . But we are all getting better . We are embracing the change brought about by unrest and becoming better people. Covid has caused myself and so many to be shopping from home more than ever. But where you shop matters . I want my money to support businesses that support my morals and view points. Here are 3 businesses you should support .

1. Etsy-

I try to do as much shopping on Etsy as possible . A benefit is that I always am able to give unique gifts and products for myself are high quality. But also because Etsy means supporting individuals and art which is so important . Here is the good stuff, Etsy is donating 1 million dollars to justice reform and black-led institutions . It even has a category where you can specifically support black sellers . It is a win win win and Etsy is a great place to spend your money right now.


The environment has seen some benefits from Covid-19 . But packaging has been high for people since so many are shopping from home. I am actively trying to become more environmentally friendly at our home but it can be actually difficult to find quality products lately. Package Free Shop has lifestyle items that you are already buying for around your house. They are a zero waste company that will send their products to you in recyclable packaging giving you the chance to avoid that dreaded single use plastic .

3. Levi’s

Beginning with my own selfish needs, I find a certain amount of nostalgia in supporting companies that have been around for a long time . But luckily Levi’s is also stepping up ethically. They are donating 200,000 to the Black Lives Matter movement and have been vocal about their support . They are working on becoming environmentally friendly as well. They are working with reusable products and hemp in the creation of their jeans. But also jeans themselves can last you for a long time and don’t need to be constantly washed so if you care for a pair of jeans it should help you to buy less .

5 Ways To Be Happier

1. Enjoy Your Taste Buds

I have been to a select few very expensive restaurants and am always just in awe with what we can create to appeal to the sense of taste. But one way to be happier is to experience this special feeling everyday. Your body and mind hear you. If you think before you eat or drink anything that it’s the best in the world, it will feel that way. Is it my everyday coffee I’m about to drink? Or am I about to drink an all natural coffee that’s been rated the very best in the world? If I tell myself the latter I will find joy and I will note new tastes and appreciate the simple things.

2. Hype Others Up

Go in-line with the sole intention of hyping others up. So often social media and the internet can feel negative. It’s easy to feel jealous or judgmental because our own ego feels hurt. But the internet doesn’t have to be a dark mark on our world , in fact you can help to brighten it. I now feel positive about my social media use and have found that my first instinct is hyping and looking up to women and it wasn’t always so positive.

3. Take Control Of Your Own Life

What is keeping you from happiness? If your answer is anything but YOU then you could use some new perspective . Your happiness relies on your perception of what is happening around you. How can we work this into a physical action? Write down your issues or problems that challenge your happiness . Then look through each and decide how you can change your perspective of it, fight the emotions you have attached to it , and make a change yourself that could help. For example, my husband tends to sleep in which is something I have let bother me before. But , instead I changed my perspective . I now really appreciate my alone morning time. I decided to let him sleep and that made our relationship less tense and took something off of my plate that I had grown to think was my responsibility .

4. Blast Some Music and Dance

I feel like we all know about this trick but rarely embrace it . Dancing to some music you love will give you a peace that you may have forgot existed. Find a moment you are alone and just let yourself release. If you are not an avid dancer then take it one small step at a time. Pick one song, put in those head phones, close your eyes and dance . If you hate it you can never do it again. But what’s one song, what will that take from you and what could you gain?

5. Pick Up Something You Left Behind

What did you want to be? What goals did you set aside to pursue another? Pick one of those goals back up and you’ll find a nostalgic and fulfilling joy in chasing it . In 8th grade did you want to be a writer? What about in college when you wondered if you wanted to play soccer? One way to do this is to make a list of lost dreams. What dreams were lost that are still calling you? Then carve out time to pick up that hobby once again. Now a list of lost dreams can feel like a downer, I always follow up lists or thoughts like this with a list of everything I have achieved. Although lists to analyze what you may be missing or effective and necessary, lists of what you have done are just as important and allow you to walk forward in a place of accomplishment.

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5 Ways To Find Your Passion

We spend most of our lives hearing that we have to follow our passions . We are told that if we work a job we love we never work a day in our lives. It all sounds so easy and so simple. But it’s not that simple at all. Everyone’s advice is to do something you love but no one is there telling you what you love. I’ve created 5 ways to determine your passion. Once you have your passion break it into a goal and achieve it. That’s what’s beautiful about life once you know it you can grab it.

1. Right down everything you can think of that brings you joy. This can be a really fun activity that also feels therapeutic. Use it as a wild brainstorm! Include everything , not just work related things . Include things like flowers and family but also with larger things like travel and writing. Here is my most recent brainstorm.

2. Dip your toes in the pond. I think society has told us in high school and college to try things out and find what you like! But then it’s over . Try things at those ages and then once you decide your following that path. But life isn’t as boring as society tries to make it. We only live once and it is outrageous to think that we can’t start new at any time. In fact you’ll feel more fulfilled the more you experience and less you live in a box. So try new things. Select one new thing and start now, you may fall in love but either way you will have fun. So decide to learn guitar, learn Russian, or learn to knit. Just pick something that you’ve never done and give it a shot.

3. Who do you admire? Is there an old friend or coworker that you really look up to . Maybe you look forward to their social media because it always looks so cool or fun. That’s your passion calling. If your always admiring the yoga instructor working in Costa Rica , it’s probably because your passion is trying to call you in. So take a moment and contemplate who you think is living the dream and how that might be telling you exactly what you need.

4. Decide what you are good at. This can be difficult for me because we live in a very competitive society where everyone is an expert on something making it hard to feel good at anything. So in order to really see what your good at you have to make sure you aren’t comparing yourself to others . One way to do this is to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You know all the same information your self esteem just might not allow you to embrace it. Pick someone you know very well, for me it’s my husband. Decide what they think you are good at ! My husband would say I’m good at cooking and writing , so I can use that to work even more on both.

5 Read more ! It is hard with time and money to experience the world how we would all like to. The more experiences you have the more likely you are to discover your true passions. Now it has become even harder with Covid to travel and experience . The good news? The reading world is thriving . Whether you read non-fiction or fiction you are opening yourself up to opportunities and experiences you wouldn’t otherwise have. This can provide so many doors waiting to be open where quite possibly you will find a passion that has been waiting for you.

My Favorite Beauty Gurus on Youtube

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We are stuck inside during the most accessible point in history. We have an entire internet of resources at our disposal to learn from . One of my favorite things to do is watch YouTube. I like to throw it on while I’m cleaning or when I just need a break. Quarantine has given me extra time to learn from some of my favorites .

Find a time in your day where you learn. Whether it’s well you get ready or while you cook dinner, and whether it’s beauty gurus or history buffs. It’s a small thing you can do in your day that will add up to you learning a lot . Here are five beauty gurus I’m loving right now if your looking to learn more about beauty .

1. Raw Beauty Kristi

Kristi is everything I need in a teacher. She is funny and relatable . I don’t think any other YouTuber is as real and fun as she is. She is also clearly an expert with makeup but also lets you peep into other parts of her life as well. She does a lot of trials which I love because I learn technique even through the trial periods .

2. Princess Rese

Ok this is funny. Princess Rese is the opposite of Kristi. Kristi serves so much fun energy and Princess Rese serves such a calming energy. I love her videos because they feel like no nonsense . She is so talented but doesn’t put on a wild show about it . Instead she just really teaches you and I appreciate that peace in a chaotic world.

3. Shelbey Wilson

I love Shelbey’s variety in videos . She is super relaxed as well and very informative. But she has every makeup video I can think of. I love that she has tried out all these styles instead of staying in one zone. I love to play with new looks and am bored easily . Her vault of videos always satisfies my need for constant change.


Brianna Fox

Brianna is here because in my opinion she is the best. Her looks are just flawless and she clearly has a natural talent for makeup. But it isn’t just makeup, her tutorial videos truly cover all beauty areas. She is someone I can watch for days and learn so much from.

Why You Should Cut Off Your Hair

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First, of all because it’s hot, so hot. Secondly, I was spending so much time on my long beautiful hair and not going anywhere ! We all deserve more time and less hair to style . Finally, quarantine . Am I right? We could all use a dose of change . I had all of these reasons to chop it off , but arriving to the point where I grabbed some scissors and did it is actually more complicated .

I love my hair, that has been a long journey, but I eventually arrived . We all have a personal and sensitive relationship with our hair . I have grown to learn more about my own relationship and how big a part of my life it is.

When I was younger I was in a relationship with someone who told me I was never allowed to cut it . This ingrained in me the thought that men wouldn’t find me attractive without my long locks . I developed conflicting emotions towards my hair . Part of me wants to cut my hair as rebellion, I don’t care what others think and I want them to know it. Part of me wants to keep it long because that’s when I think I am pretty.

In my decision to cut my hair , I have to see these feelings . I have to feel them. So that I can release them and not make decisions based on them. Observe yourself before you decide to make a major change . Take a moment. What are your experiences and emotions telling you? Are those worthy?

I’m not there yet on releasing them. I am embarrassed to admit how many times I asked my husband if I could cut all my hair off. That’s nothing I need to ask a man. I will say all it did was assure me in my marriage . My husband, will also point out I don’t need to ask and that I can do whatever I want , that I’m beautiful with my hair anyway. I did push it this time and ask what about if I just shave it off ? And he came through again with unlimited support. But obviously this instinct is showing a part of me still believes I won’t be attractive without my hair.

This is also a repetitive and toxic message that many women receive. When I do cut my hair off . When I took scissors to it the other night, you would think that I had quit my job and become a nomad . The world thinks it is wild. Not even an hour after I was outside and my neighbor asked if I cut my hair. Then says “Oh mental breakdown?”

First of all if any hardworking and powerful woman has a mental breakdown and the worse thing that happens is she cuts her hair !!! Well then I’m calling that a win. Next, why does a woman who wants short hair have to have lost her mind? Did Britney Spears ruin it for us all? This connotation of mental breakdown being associated with cutting your hair needs to be thrown in the trash . 2020 we are embracing the freedom to have short hair as a woman. There is something beautiful in cutting your hair. I worked for 3 years to grow it . Cutting it felt free and satisfying . Cutting your hair off isn’t crazy, it’s a beautiful moment . Allow it to be just that.

I’ll have long hair again in a couple years . It will feel heavy and exhausting . I’ll always be able to remember the moment I cut it all off. It’s not in the end about the moments that you didn’t have , it’s the moments you did . Now I have that moment .

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A Few of My Favorite Things

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1. This robot vacuum! I have been creeping on robot vacuums for years. I hate vacuuming and I always looked at them with an almost forbidden love look in my eyes . I just could never justify flipping the bill. But I did it and I will never ever go back. I was constantly battling my floors before this. We have a cat and a dog who leave the riot hair everywhere . Since we got this I am obsessed it does all the cleaning for me and our home has never felt cleaner. I’m amazed at how well it does and how much my own allergies have improved. If you splurge on anything it should be this , it is the biggest game changer.

2. A cozy hammock! I’m finding much more time for quality reading and getting cozy. There is nothing cozier than cuddling in on a hammock and reading a good book. It’s a child like comfort that we all need right now. Get your own hammock and you’ll find a new place to find peace during these strange times .

3. This sea salt spray! I have almost used the entire bottle at this point . I am trying to avoid heat more on my hair during quarantine by giving it time to heal. This sea salt spray is literally a miracle. I love to throw my hair in braids, spray down with this spray, and the next day I have long lasting and healthy curls .

4. Wireless charger – My husband bought this for me . I had no idea what a game changer it would be for such a cheap price . I was forever fighting the phone charger next to my bed. Then it would break and I’d do that thing where I would hold it at a certain angle. I would be fumbling off my bed to find the charger every night. This changed it all ! It’s so easy to just place my phone next to my bed on the charger . It has saved me so much little stress that I didn’t know was impacting me.

5. AirPods- This was a bigger purchase I made about a year ago. But they have been crucial during quarantine. Now that my husband and I are both operating from home, these AirPods are crucial. I can use them for meetings and virtual happy hours . But I also love how when my husband is sleeping or working I can pop them in and listen to some music while cleaning or working without interrupting him. They are a key tool during quarantine when a little silence in the house goes a long way.

Headband Review

Disclaimer: All my posts contain Amazon Affiliate links. I would receive compensation if you purchased the item. I still give honest reviews and only recommend products that I love and might be something you are interested in.

Cons- Ok lets be real if you are creative and have a bandana you could easily make these headbands. I have neither, so this was still a great find. Another con is that if you are looking for more of a bandana look completely, this will not fool anyone, it is clearly a headband.

Pros- For me these are perfect. I love how they came in so many colors and were reasonably priced. I also really like how there is a wire within the bow. So I can adjust my bow to look however I want. Seriously you can’t go wrong with these headbands for only 13 dollars.

Five Lessons From Your Dog

I am on overdrive all of the time. I am writing for my blog, I go above and beyond at work, I keep my home spotless, my relationships in place, and am constantly working towards multiple big goals. This seems like the dream. I get so much done and often have a lot to show for it.

Life is such a tricky balance though. Yes I crave success and development . But I’ve got that, we always have control over that. I’m constantly stressing and constantly moving towards my goals. Is that how we are meant to spend this short precious life though?

  1. Soak Up The Sun

If there is one thing my dog will not pass up it is to take some time soaking up the sun. If there is just a ray of sunlight entering my home he will move there and just live in it for a bit. We only really want the sun when it’s not there. I had three days of sunlight last week that I did not take advantage of, but the second we had a rainy day I felt deprived. So do what you need to to soak up some sun. Open your blinds and windows and let the sun in. Go sit outside and just live in for a moment. Don’t go out and say ok I’ll sit in the sun but also I have to read this article, just go sit in it without any other goals but to soak it in.

When I was pondering this the other day I looked out at my dog as we sat outside. He was just sitting there. Not really looking at anything, not really doing anything, just being, and I realized we could all use to live a bit more like our dogs. What follows are five lessons we should take from our dogs.

2. Take More Naps

This is probably the hardest for me. When my internal alarm clock wakes me up at 5am my mind starts going a million miles per minute. If I try to take a nap I just lay there thinking about all the things I need to get done. But my dog, he naps better than anyone. He just lets himself rest and sleep without any guilt. Curl yourself up in a cozy blanket and take a nap. If you are like me and have a hard time turning off, meditate or do some yoga first to bring yourself down. But nap is not wasted time. It is time you are giving yourself to be at peace and recharge.

3. Appreciate Your Loved Ones

There is not quite another feeling as sweet as my dog’s excitement when I come home. With the current situation his excitement hasn’t changed. If I open the door he is excited to see me. If he gets scared of a loud noise or our new vacuum he sits closely at my side. Dogs love us and they show it. We love our loved ones but do we always show it? Try to find the joy and excitement your dog has for your own loved ones. They live and love like they thought they would never see us again! Why can’t we bring that same joy to our loved ones. It shows his ability to live in the moment by being grateful for every interaction.

4. Release Extra Energy

My dog spends most of his time lounging . But when he has energy, everyone knows it . He runs around the house, he chases our cat, brings us toys to play with him, begs to go outside and once he gets out he runs and runs around the yard for seemingly no reason. When I have extra energy, it’s usually anxiety. I will feel it start to rush through my blood. Know what I do? Nothing. I continue what I’m doing only anxiously now with my foot tapping or whole chewing on a pen. I am working on this lesson from my dog. When you feel energy start to rush through you listen to it. Go for a walk, go annoy your husband or wife, workout, or play with your dog , just do something to release .

5. Be in the Moment

This is by far the most important lesson from my dog. It’s also the reasoning for the other lessons. Our dogs live in the moment, unlike humans who constantly have another agenda. I get it. Dogs don’t have another agenda to worry about. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a worthy lesson. Everywhere we go and everything we do , he is just there . Just laying in the sun, just playing , just napping , and just loving. I challenge us all when you are in the chaos of life to be reminded when you see your dog , to give time to just be in the moment.

Disclaimer: Amazon Affiliate links are present in this review. I would receive compensation if you purchased the item. I still give honest reviews and only recommend products that I love.

Why You Should Redecorate Right Now

We have all become homebodies . I can say at least for myself that my spirit feels like it has had enough. It craves new. I believe that what we need as humans is new . New places, new experiences, and new views to both look forward to and to actually experience. One silver lining is the one thing we do have control over is our home . So why not use that power to create new views in the comfort of your own home.

Disclaimer: Amazon Affiliate links are present in this review. I would receive compensation if you purchased the item. I still give honest reviews and only recommend products that I love.

🖤 Why is now the time?

I am naturally an introvert for the most part . So 2 months staying inside under different circumstances would have felt good for me . But as humans we can only do the same thing for so long . We crave change and we need it now. So create change where you can. I am a big supporter of the new shave your head trend happening ! But if you’re like me and not to the shave your head stage , redecorating can feel like a big change for little money if you do it right. As we navigate these challenging times you have to move and change when you feel yourself feeling anxious or desperate to shift.

🖤How to redecorate?

First you should take it slowly . Let’s be honest, you probably have the time . I start with first deep cleaning and organizing each room before I redecorate it . This gives me time to save up to redecorate room by room. But it also adds to the newness of the room in the end .

🖤What if I can’t afford it ?

you don’t have to buy all new things to redecorate. I start by removing all the decorations from the room and setting aside . Then I go shopping in my own home. I take from other rooms and from storage, and see materials I have to create something new. Moving an object from one room to another seems simple, but makes it feel like a whole new object .

🖤How can I embrace the new?

Once you have a clean, organized, and redecorated room it truly feels like a new place. Embrace your change and the new. Take time to appreciate each detail and spend some time in the new space. Once you feel yourself getting used to the new room, ground yourself again. Let’s prolong that joy, look at it like your looking at it for the first time.

A few items around my home that brought me joy !

ZOYA Nail Polish Review

Find them here:

Disclaimer: This link will support me if clicked on. All reviews are honest and true representations of my opinions.

Disclosure: These are affiliate links and I would profit if bought. Regardless, I only recommend products or services that I truly love.

Pros: These colors, for real these colors are just unreal. I love them. I definitely think I purchased in the wrong season. They are more fall colors. But, I have this weird thing where I am more likely to match my nails to my mood than the season and these colors are a MOOD. They are gorgeous .

Cons: I can’t say this for sure because I would need to do some experimenting, but they may not have lasted the longest. They lasted me about a week which is pretty regular for me, but not amazing.

Support a Better Tomorrow

Disclaimer: Amazon Affiliate links are present in this review. I would receive compensation if you purchased the item. I still give honest reviews and only recommend products that I love.

There is so much we don’t know right now, and so much we don’t know about the future. One thing is absolute, the future will be different. I think the fear living and eating off of all of our hearts right now is the fear that we don’t know what that means, we don’t know what the future would look like. Being someone who fights constant anxiety, I know what it feels like to be afraid of what the future looks like.

But, what if all that fear is for naught? What if the future we are all so wary of is in your own hands? We decide what the future looks like. We decide where to invest our time, energy, and money. We decide what our own future looks like and what the future of the world looks like. So instead of sitting around considering all the terrible ways you can possibly envision the future, let’s invest in it instead. Here are 5 ways you can support a better tomorrow.

1.Spread Kindness Like Confetti– This is the time to let your kindness run wild. The world needs so much of it right now that there is never enough. Be kind when it comes naturally, and then be so kind it feels like too much. Send flowers, call people, leave gifts for drivers, give compliments, hype people up all over online, write a letter, and send muffins to the neighbors.

2. Be Safe – There is this spreading desire to risk it all right now so that we don’t lose it all. But here is what I would argue. If you want to invest in our future we have to slow the virus down. I want to be coming up with a new excuse to miss social gatherings just as much as the next person. But, we have to be safe so that we can move on in a shorter time frame. You think 2 months of having to shut down is bad? Then you won’t be happy if we have to spend the next year being shut down because we can’t slow it down.

3. Donate to Those in Need– Unfortunately, that is so many people right now. When this passes, when we all move on to a new normal you will remember this. You will remember what you did during the pandemic. You will remember whether you helped those in need or you pushed over a woman to get the last toilet paper. Remember that when a pandemic happened you put in your hand and helped those in need. Look up something important to you and donate today, everyone needs your help.

4. Use Your Voice – Change is in the air, it is coming whether you decide to use your voice or not. Don’t let others drown out your voice when it is needed the most. This can be complicated, you can deliver a virtual moving speech or begin a movement. But, it can also be simple . Here are some petitions I’m currently supporting. Petitions have been more and more successful, especially right now as the spotlight is constantly moving and how companies are acting is important.

5. Use Your Skill– You have a talent hiding. Even if you feel like you don’t, you can if you put your mind to it. Choose something creative and engulf yourself in it. There has literally never been a better time. When the world resumes and we can live freely again, my hope is that there is a flood of creativity just waiting to arrive. Most of it can be something you can share from home too, sing a song online, paint a picture, sew a dress, or write a poem. Lets bring hope and art back ❤

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Boredom Cures You Haven’t Tried

1. Have a marathon based on an actress\actor

2. Write down 5 bad things you have done in your life. Do 5 good things . Burn the list

3. Make up an entire dance . It’s a work out and satisfying the child in you that was a professional choreographer .

4. Find a role model online. There are so many inspiring people on social media. Find your people and join in.

5. Recreate a childhood photo. Find a photo you think you could pull off and try to recreate it !

6. Start making all your stuff. Especially with looming financial issues ahead there is not better time. Start one item in your house at a time and decide how you could make it yourself.

7. 100 nice things . Track every nice think you say or do till you get to 100. Make sure your using it to inspire more kindness.

8. Write a letter . The time has come . Writing letters is back in style and more important than ever !

9. Play a work out game instead of a drinking game. Use those skills of turning anything into a drinking game and instead turn anything into a workout game .

10. Return to childhood jams. Spend a whole day listening only to childhood jams! Create a playlist . For me it’s some Biwitched, Nirvana, and Spice Girls.

FabFitFun vs PopSugar Must Have

Welcome to my very first face off ! I had a face off of FabFitFun vs PopSugar Must Have. Both of these are seasonal boxes filled with full price products. I loooove me some boxes full of goodies and was so excited to give these both a shot. Here is the play by play .

PopSugar Must Have

Price- 75

🖤Ordering for both PopSugar Must Have and FabFitFun was easy! I also really enjoyed that both give you the option to pick some of your own goodies.

🖤POPSugar Must Have took me so long to get . After about a month I emailed in. They said ok now it’s on the way. But all they had done was make a shipping label. It didn’t actually ship until I emailed in again a week later.

🖤I like how some of the items were clearly high quality. I got a dish that is just gorgeous , and some skin care I’m in love with.

🖤I loved the variety. I got items for my home , a snack, and thank you cards

🖤There were 5 high and full scale quality products in my box .

🖤I was more excited to open the box than I was when I had opened it . There was only one item I was in love with, the skin care seen below .

🖤I feel like half of this box was just another box, which was disappointing

Fab Fit Fun

🖤Price- $50

🖤Fab Fit Fun also gave some options for picking your own stuff. Neither gave me a whole lot of options. But I kind of like the surprise of it all.

🖤I loved and use pretty much every item in this box. I especially like the beauty products .

🖤Only one product I was not a fan of which was a large sweater that was way too big. But who knows maybe I’ll like it with time .


Fab Fit Fun easily won this contest in my opinion. I can’t wait to get my next box. It is cheaper, more items I actually like. Pop Sugar may have some more expensive items but they weren’t items I really wanted. Fab Fit Fun has quality items and is so fun to go through.

Don’t Gain Quarantine 15

I am much like so many other people who find it easy to snack during quarantine . I had two days towards the beginning where I just laid in bed and ate all day. It’s ok to feel how you feel. It’s ok to not set wild goals to achieve during quarantine . You are doing well by just surviving . But if your looking for some tips as to how to not gain weight during quarantine here are a couple tips that have been helping me .

1. 🖤Don’t eat when you’re bored – so much easier said than done I know . But be sure you are asking yourself , am I bored or hungry. If the answer is bored , find something to do instead . Another way I am able to tell the difference is to ask yourself if you are so hungry you want to eat something healthy. If I’m not hungry enough to want an apple …then I’m not hungry.

2. 🖤Work out to get out energy- When stress or anxiety overtakes you it’s easy to want to snack. Instead take out that energy on a work out . It actually works much better than just keeping that energy in and mindlessly eating.

3. 🖤Stay active- So many people are working from home now . I am a teacher, I am usually walking and running all day. But now I find myself stuck in front of a screen. Get up and move. After I complete a work task I get up and just walk or even clean something simple

4. 🖤Make a challenge- Write yourself a list of work outs : 10 lunges , 5 burpees , etc. Then just slowly complete that list. It doesn’t need to be in one workout. But it will keep your moving .

5. 🖤Pick up a new work out- I am a yoga gal. But it’s always fun to try something new especially when we are trapped inside . So have some fun. Why not decide today you are a boxer, a belly dancer, or a ballroom dancer. Pick a new fun workout and watch YouTube videos on it while you’re picking up a new work out.

The Only 3 Apps You Need to Get Fit

Disclaimer: Amazon Affiliate links are present in this review. I would receive compensation if you purchased the item. I still give honest reviews and only recommend products that I love.

I am forever in a battle with my weight. Some people don’t have this issue. My husband has a six pack , A SIX PACK . He rarely works out and always eats whatever he wants and a lot of it. If I go a couple days without watching what I eat or working out I balloon up . So unfair ! But over time I’ve come to love my body and come to terms with how to make it feel good. My body is all about maintenance . I have to make it a daily focus for me . This daily focus is good for you all because I have tried it all ! More people than ever are at home working out. I have always worked out 100% at home and these are my favorite apps that help me stay in shape .

1. Lose It-

This one is my go to app for tracking my food . The reality is before I lost 40 pounds I had another enemy that I tend to forget about . Binge eating . It seems almost distant now and unreal. But I remember the nights watching tv and eating whatever I could find. Lose it is an amazing way to make sure I am watching this. I had a couple nights of too much eating last week and immediately downloaded lose it. It’s a simple calorie tracker with a goal. I like it because it makes me watch what I eat. Sometimes I also find out that I am not as behind as I thought. Sometimes we splurge and just feel like you did something bad so you just give up and keep going . But if you splurge and log it the visual is usually less bad than I think and I’m not motivated to keep eating or give up. Finally I love this app because it lets me see where I go over and what it takes to make up for it. I accidentally when 100 calories over yesterday ? I can do a quit 100 calorie work out today and no I’m still on track to keep losing.

2. GLO

This one costs and I am happy to flip the bill. There is a 15 day trial though which can help you decide if you love it as much as I do. This app includes Pilates, yoga , and meditation . I use the app weekly . What I love about it is the amount of options and teachers. There are thousands of classes so I never get bored and can always find exactly what I want. Classes vary from 5 minutes to 80 , and with a variety of types of courses too. I love that you can also find teachers on here that you love and you can take other classes from them . This app is probably my number one. I would get rid of any other app I own just to keep this one. It feels like a home within an app.

3. Neou

Ok are you ready to get more aggressive? Yoga and tracking my calories are my key. But not the key to progress as much as my maintenance. When I want to see more serious progress I need to hit more serious workouts. NEOU has training courses you can take with multiple classes or you can choose individual courses. I spent many years of my young adult life as a dancer . So it is naturally one of my favorite work outs. It’s one of the reasons that I found this app in the first place , because I was looking for dance classes that really brought it .

Give Your Hair a Break

Isolation and lock down has a never-ending list of cons. I’ve also heard so many pros and suggestions rest, love, laugh , etc. On top of that we have people still having to work, taking care of children, and trying to stay sane. It can be hard to find a break during this time depending on your situation. This break is easy and doesn’t take up more time, in fact it should give you some more time.

This can be a period of healing even if you are stressed and busy and feel like you’re just getting by. For me one of the ways I am healing is through how I care for myself.

My poor hair has been through a lot. I get so bored so easily and I often take that out on my hair. I don’t think it has been my natural hair color since I was a teen. I wake up every morning and curl, straighten, do whatever to it to be presentable.

But this is the time to give your hair a break. There is less pressure to make it perfect, less pressure to have it look exactly how you want it. Here is how you can give your hair a break.

*Don’t dye your own hair-It is so tempting. No one will see me, if I try this new bright green. But, even more can’t you just let your hair breathe for a while? Wait to dye it till the salons are back open, trust me your hair will thank you .

*Don’t use your hair dryer– Let your hair dry naturally, you have the time and no one is judging you.

*Style without tools- This is the perfect time to experiment with non-heat methods of styling your hair. For me I throw it in french braids and keep them in for a long time, then when I take them out I have curls for days. Your system may be different, maybe you just need a high bun to give you volume, or to crunch up your hair when it’s wet.

Just give your hair a break and practice natural.

Top 3 Websites for Virtual Learning

Virtual learning has become the new normal for many people across the world. I am a teacher and virtual learning has already been a roller coaster of learning for both myself and my students. I have so many friends with children and I have heard grief over virtual learning that can’t be matched. I have spent 6 years teaching gathering resources. The past couple of weeks I have poured myself into even more resources for virtual learning. This list can be a resource for teachers and parents alike to tackle virtual learning.

Teachers Pay Teachers:

If you are already a teacher you already know about this website. We can easily forget some of the best resources in this time of chaos. Parents this is your chance to dig in to our materials. You can find material on this website for any grade and any subject. I submit novel studies to this website which is great for individual learning based around a book you might have.

Teachers are constantly recreating the wheel. We all create things that already exist. I have been using for some of my virtual learning videos. This website again covers every grade and every subject. There are already made assignments and videos that are of high quality. This one is more expensive. I am on a trial but after that it will be 60 dollars a month. That is definitely the flaw of, but in my opinion the quality of work on this page is worth the price.

Kahn Academy

We live in an academic world focused so much on test taking. Although, many tests have been cancelled this year, we can assume they will resume again. The big concern is that our students won’t be ready. Kahn Academy is aligned to tests, so really provides the test taking skills and practice that students really need right now. It covers different contents and has all sorts of resources to support them through the process. If your student is not already registered on Kahn Academy now is definitely the time.

Adventures in Isolation

Everything we do in the real world can be recreated at home with some creativity. I’m sure my husband would have no problem with this being time for a month long video game binge . But poor guy lives with his child at heart wife . This is the time to let out your inner child. I remember making movie tickets to movie theaters as a child, pretending I was here or there . Tap in to that imagination, tap in to that joy and bring joy back to your home Follow our adventures over the next few weeks and drop a comment for new ideas too.

1. Adventure of Nerf Wars. While everyone else saw this coming and bought 3000 rolls of toilet paper I quickly got online and bought some Nerf guns. The joy started the minute the packages came . My husband and I both grabbed a box and started unwrapping fast. Then noticed how fast we both were opening the package we knew what was about to happen I loaded my Nerf gun first but didn’t know how to shoot it so I ran into the bathroom and locked the door till I figured it out. When I did he was waiting and ready. Our first Nerf war brought so much joy we ran around the house laughing , hiding , and just playing.

Adventure 2 Formal Dining . I notified my husband yesterday we had a reservation at a fancy dining establishment called “The Dining Room” I told him to dress nice and prepare for a date . I decorated the dining room slightly different and lit some candles . Got all done up in my nicest dress and prepped as if it was a beautiful new place in town . We had a lovely dinner that felt so romantic . ❤️

Adventure 3 Movie Night ! My husband and I rented a brand new movie . I rearranged the living room a bit and added a red sheet to the windows. I love slightly changing rooms when we date. We are stuck in the place but the more it can feel different the better!

What Do We Need To Live

This all feels so overwhelming . For me I’m having a hard time being positive when I know so many people are struggling . But I’m trying my best everyday . When our entire lives get turned upside down it can be easy to forget what we need to live . What do I do when I’m home all day for possible months? What do I normally take care of that I still need to have while in isolation? I spent some time this morning giving myself reminders . What do I need to live ? After that I start scheduling it , start fitting it in throughout the week.

1. We need food and resources . This is difficult as people have left the stores empty . My husband and I have had lots of success with favor so if you have that option or a similar one I highly suggest it . I have slowly built up a collection of food and resources without shopping too much knowing other people need them too. Please think of your pets . About day 2 of this my husband and I found it hard to find dog food . So think and plan ahead for food and resources for your pets too.

2. We need to stay social. Make a list of everyone you really care about . Consider who would be your top 8 on MySpace . Call them and FaceTime them. Schedule a drink over the phone and send them texts to check in . Stay social online, this is not just for you but for everyone. Everyone needs some human interaction right now. Not to mention you are supporting companies and people by engaging online as much as possible. Find your online community , join online events, and visit online experiences .

3. Have fun . I was most prepared for this . When this all started I jumped on amazon right away. I ordered nerf guns. This silly toy has already brought so much joy in our house. When the package arrived my husband and I immediately fell into a war and running around the house playing was so fun. Tonight we have a date at the “dining room” restaurant then a movie at the movie theater “ the living room.” Find ways to find joy at home and if your fortunate enough to have someone else there with you give them joy too. I will have another blog soon explaining some of the ways I’m bringing the world of activities into our home.

4. Stay Physically Active . It’s easy to lose this when you feel down . Yesterday I failed . I fell down into a hole . If I’m honest though sometimes I need that , to just let go and fall . I laid in bed watching movies all day and snacking non stop. It’s not always perfect. But I’m ready to fight again today. I know I need exercise even if I’m cooped up at home. But why not take this a bit further. I vow to work out hard (better for my happiness anyway) and am setting a covid fitness goal. Can I fit into those size 2s once covid is over ? I’m going to try .

5. Prepare Financially I realize my privilege is showing here . I know so many people are scared financially in much larger ways . But if you are like me and still have a position and pay here is what I suggest . Work harder where you can and budget wisely here . Once this is over we may be in a rough economic place . Prepare as much as possible for what this will look like financially in a year by thinking about ways to increase income . Also keep supporting the economy , buy things you need and even something you want .

6. Help Others So far I am pretty grossed out by people’s behavior in this time . Everyone is scared . This is the most important time to stay kind , to anyone and everyone you talk to. Pay attention to the news , think of those struggling the most . Out hospitality and arts community are out of jobs , spread information (fact check) , donate to causes, and reach out to people you personally know in need . Just be a good person right now , our humanity depends on it.

7. Stay Mentally Healthy During times like these I refer to one of my favorite Charles Bukowski quotes . “ What matters most is how you walk through fire” This is a lot to handle mentally no matter who you are . Understand this, name this, and recognize it. Don’t ignore that your heart and brain are panicked to a certain extent. Now work harder on finding peace, write, read , meditate , and allow yourself to process .

8. Learn We are incredibly fortunate to be isolated in a time of educational resources in abundance. Let your brain grow during this process. Read books, order workbooks, take an online course somewhere like Udemy. Just take time to learn something you’ve always wanted time to learn .

9. Go outside . Maybe for you this just means opening a window or standing on the balcony but do what it takes to breathe in that fresh air and if your lucky soak in some sun.

10. Fall Madly and Deeply In Love I am so fortunate to be isolated with my husband who I am already head over heels for . Life can be so busy it’s easy to get so wrapped up in it that my husband and I don’t get enough quality time . Now we have so much time , we are invested in playing together , dating in home, and being emotionally sound for one another. I’m going to use the time to strengthen our love in this strange time .