The 100 Rule

Keeping my home clean can feel impossible. My husband and I have a decent amount of square feet. Unfortunately neither of us are naturally neat. I envy those who say things like “ Oh he keeps the house spotless “ or “ Ya it really bothers me when he leaves his shoes out” I have to act like a relate well staring at my cluttered and dirty home.

I’ve spent years researching how to keep my home clean. I’ve tried devideing chores, cleaning with a timer , hiring a cleaner , clean as I go , and researched and researched how I could possibly do this . But nothing was working .

My mother and father keep a beautifully clean home. My mother once told me she cleans 20 items a night . A number feels so satisfying and gets things done. Also there is a strange part of me that loves counting

But it was just never enough to keep our home clean. Then I decided to shoot for the stars . Could I clean up 100 items a day? Turns out this was my special number. It’s not as much as it sounds . Usually takes me below 30 minutes to get done . My house has been spotless since I started using this rule.

It has me working quick. I know when I get to 100 I’m done. So I love zooming through the house and knocking out as much as I can

After a couple of days of doing this I would start running out of 100 items . That’s when I’d get in deep cleaning and organizing. Once I have nothing else to pick up and say I’m at 50 I start deep cleaning and organizing. I keep a list for things I want to deep clean and organize and give myself pick up points for doing that. For example maybe 20 for sweeping or 50 for organizing a drawer.

The 100 rule has worked wonders for my home. I’m no longer terrified of unexpected visitors. I also don’t panic about cleaning non stop before an expected visitor arrives. If your like me and just can’t seem to keep your home clean no matter what you try you should give my 100 rule a shot.

Makeup Eraser Review

Disclaimer: Amazon Affiliate links are present in this review. I would receive compensation if you purchased the item. I still give honest reviews and only recommend products that I love.

I received the Makeup Eraser in a FabFitFun box . What is it? A cloth that takes off your makeup . You just add water . I was so skeptical when I saw it in the box. But I have to say I love it . Check out my review below

🖤 10/10 on a scale of 1 to Scarlett Johansson

🖤 Price – $20

🖤Pros- Death to waste! I feel so wasteful every time I use my makeup wipes. It takes about two to take off my makeup every time. Sometimes they irritate my skin and even if they don’t, my skin is left feeling wet and unhealthy. The makeup eraser solves all these problems. No waste at all it’s just the cloth! It cleans my face better than wipes and some face wash. It gets my waterproof everything that I usually have to rub and rub to get off. My face is left feeling fresh and healthy.

🖤 Cons- Admittedly, this con might not exist if I had read the instructions . My Makeup Eraser is stained with makeup , even after washing . Buuuuut it says in the instructions to wash before use to prevent this and I did not do that! So it may clean better if I did . I will get a new one and let you guys know. But the stains have not impacted the quality or the power of the cloth.

Ongoing Lists to Keep

🖤I am the self appointed Queen of lists . There is nothing more satisfying to me than a good list . One of the most important lists you can keep are ongoing lists, lists I can always add to . Making sure I keep ongoing lists prevents me from constantly starting over .

🖤I find my phone is the best place to keep these lists because they never get lost . I keep mine in the notebook app. Below is a list of my ongoing lists ! #listqueenforever

🖤My general to do- I reference or add to this list daily. I have anxiety like no other and being able to add to this list as soon as something pops into my mind is really relieving . I also like to not clear it ever . So I can always look back at all the things I have already accomplished .

🖤My husband’s general to do . I don’t give this to my husband ever . I don’t really think he even knows it exists . But one beautiful thing about my marriage is that I know he will help me whenever I want him to. Keeping this ongoing list allows me to delegate tasks to him and cut down on me feeling overwhelmed . Also when he schedules his week I can give this list a quick look and ask him if he can add one of the tasks .

🖤My “Daily’s”. Sometimes I’m a bullet journal girl or sometimes these are just built into my schedule during the day. I change how I organize my days all the time because I get easily bored. But regardless remembering things I’m passionate about working on can be difficult. These are items I want to work on doing everyday. I never hit them all but make new goals all the time of which ones I want to hit. This is so easy to track for days when I randomly think things like you know what I should get better at? Journaling . I can always see what I want to incorporate more in my life.

🖤 Finally, the wants list. This is the most fun list to keep. I get almost a satisfaction with likeness to shopping when I add stuff I want to it . This list makes it easy when a holiday or other comes and someone asks me what I want. But it also saves me money. When I feel it’s time to reward myself or but myself something I return to the list . Instead of just buying something random and then later having to buy something I really want, I can cut out that middle man. It’s hard to remember things like I really wanted some new heels when I’m in a shopping whirlwind so I love having this list to refer to.

Highlighter Review

Master Holographic Maybelline

Score – 4/10 on the scale of 1 to Scarlett Johansson

🖤Pros- The color! I’m obsessed with all the new holographic colors out there . They are just so fun to play with. I’d also say that it did relatively well as a highlight at the corner of my eyes.

🖤Cons- Overall this highlighter was meh . So powdery , it was flying everywhere . Also the wear lasted maybe an hour or so before it was gone. I had high hopes because I love a good highlight, but this didn’t show, spread easily, and did not wear long .

Work Out Video Review

The Video

I just finished this Pop Sugar workout on YouTube . Score 9/10 on a scale of 1 to Scarlett Johansson

🖤 Pros- I had so much fun completing this video ! From your favorite fitness fanatic who hates fitness , I can say it didn’t feeeeel like working out. Which is exactly what I want. I was sweating and out of breath at the end though which is also a good sign. Also, I have this weird thing where I love workout that I don’t have to put a bra on for , I can live free! This workout was easy and light but still effective.

🖤 Cons- I am the most accident prone person you will ever meet . Something in my body is always mad at me. I would have loved if the video gave a bit more form suggestions . I’m always worried I could hurt myself if someone doesn’t tell me exactly how to do something .

Who You Should Marry

I still vividly remember some of the best advice I have ever gotten. I was a young adult working at a retail store with a beautiful, at peace , and happily married older woman. She told me one day , “ No matter what , marry the good one.” She told me about her days of bad boys , her years of the wrong one . But that the smartest thing she ever did was to marry the good guy.

You have to fight so many mental demons in order to marry the right guy/gal. You have to fight your instincts to help and fix. You may have a desire to commit to someone you want to help, someone you want to fix. But all you’re asking for is a life long battle. Marry the one who already lives a stable life.

You have to fight the urge to rebel by marrying the bad boy/girl . Sometimes these relationships can feel so extreme and passionate . But only like a bad drug that is just destroying you at the same time.

You have to fight your ego. Your ego is drawn to the ones that treat you badly. This person can’t possibly not be interested ! I’ll do anything and everything it takes to be with them! That’s your toxic ego talking and is looking to try to make you feel down and bad about yourself forever.

You have to fight your desire for the white picket fence. Don’t marry someone just because you’re looking for the white picket fence . Are you madly in love with them? Or are you just in love with the idea ? The idea of being done searching for your American dream. Don’t settle dear, this is how you will spend your one precious life.

So who should you marry? The good one. I’ve known my husband since high school. He was always the good one. He is consistently kind and loving . He is madly in love with me and always listens to what I need . They exist! We have our issues. I’m not going to be dishonest. But ultimately, we are happily married and almost every day I reflect on how lucky I am that I fought all those demons and married the good one. The one who just last night slow danced in the kitchen to old ballroom dances while we waited for dinner to cook. If you don’t have that sweet and good love, keep looking .

Who you choose as your significant other will have a significant impact on your life . My husband has done nothing but hype me up and support me for years . Giving me time to really chase my goals and become my best self . I know that if I had made another choice , my whole life would be different , so don’t take the choice lightly . It’s not just get married, take a chance, get divorced if you want. Those choices will impact who you become as a person, so true to take the time of your blessed with it to be careful and make the right choice . And above all

Marry the good one .

Too Faced Concealer Review

🖤Pro- It is heavy. I could see how this could feel like a con. But for me I love it. It’s great for everyday wear and heavy makeup wear. It allows me to sculpt my face and slim it .

🖤Cons- It is heavy. I’m aware this was one of my pros. But it’s also a con. It can look cakey if my skin just decides it wants that. Blending is real key for this concealer

Hair straightener review

KIPOZI hair straightener

8 out of 10 on a scale of 1 to Scarlett Johansson .

🖤Pros- It straightens and curls my hair! It heats up within seconds and lets you adjust temperature . The temperature can be adjusted by hair health and I actually really love this feature . This straightener is probably what I use on my hair the most because it’s the easiest but still gives me some variety.

🖤Cons- I have very think and coarse hair , yet a remain convinced my dream straightener is out there . This straightens my hair well , but doesn’t leave my hair feeling soft without my burning it . I think it could have more straightening power.

Book review

I would rate this book as a 9 on the scale of 1 to Scarlett Johansson . This is a nonfiction tale of a woman who spent time as a hostage for the Taliban . It was transformative for me .

🖤The pros- The book is well written and an easy read . I didn’t want to put it down I was so drawn in . I literally cried , when a book makes me cry I automatically love it because it’s not very common for me.

🖤The cons- It’s pretty disturbing , there are some practices and chapters in the book that will not settle with you but is necessary to get the full effect.

Find the book here and prepare for a life changing read.

5 Reasons You Should be doing Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga does not get enough credit . I have battled extreme anxiety for most of my life . I’ve had crippling panic attacks . The older I get the less I have, but this isn’t always a good thing . Instead I’ve bottled up for longer and longer . I’ve tried medications, yoga, exercise , therapy and all the other tricks , but only one thing releasing that energy for me . Yin yoga is a slow and careful practice in holding poses, here are 5 reasons you should be doing it .

1. It heals the body physically. My body is in constant pain . My back is never satisfied and my hips always hurts. Yin yoga always realigns the body. If you are doing it right then your body is evenly stretched and worked on each side . I walk away , well feeling like I can walk again. The pain literally disappears for me as soon as I leave practice.

2. It’s just for you and that’s just what you need. I can become trapped in my own dark hurricane of always being productive . Even when I sit down to watch TV I can’t help but pull out my phone and work on something . But Yin is just for me . It doesn’t burn a ton of calories , but that even more makes me feel like it’s just for me . It is a time of day where I completely surrender .

3. It improves your flexibility . The more I practice Yen Yoga the more I see incredible progress in flexibility . Most notably those places you know you’re really not flexible . When you stay in a pose stretching without effort your body will really just ease into it.

4. It will teach you to withstand pain. Ok I realize that sentence doesn’t seem very comforting or appealing . But it has become second nature to me through Yen Yoga. I remember one of my yoga instructors telling me for Yen Yoga that once you feel pain just recognize that it’s there and then to relax . I never notice any pain during Yen Yoga now , I breath through challenges . Yin has taught me to be patient and breath through pain. Warning: This should be healthy pain and challenge . Pain could mean injury so be careful and follow any instructor’s guidance during practice .

5. It will transform your mental health. My anxiety is finally manageable through Yen Yoga . It completely slows me down and gives me time to meditate . Emotions that I have pent up flow out during certain poses , which can happen because of the release of where we hold your stress . It will allow you to release all you have been holding on your shoulders and with a clear head afterwards you will feel ready to be strong once again.

Stila Liquid Liner

Stilas liquid eyeliner . Score 8/10 on a scale of 1 to Scarlett Johansson .

❤ The cons- it’s a little on the pricey side . It can be a bit hard to apply, you need to consistently shake to bring color back to the tip.

❤ The pros – I love the tip for me it makes it easy! But the number one pro is it stays . I’m a school teacher and run around alllll day . I’ve tried almost all the liquid liners for all day wear and nothing stays like this Stila eyeliner .

Buy Me A Coffee


In 2019 I made a goal of wearing less makeup and more makeup too. I was going for an all or nothing approach . I wanted to get better at makeup but also wear no makeup more often.

The problem with going bare, with no makeup was all the damage I had already done . When I took off make makeup I didn’t feel confident . My skin looked uneven and tired. More pressingly was the problem that it made me feel ugly . Here is how I transformed myself into a no makeup girl.

💕Don’t wear makeup no matter how you feel . Easy but soooo hard . This is the most important step . The less I wore makeup, the more my skin cleared and evened out . More importantly, the less I wore makeup the more confident I felt in my own skin.

💕Use the right products when you do use makeup. I am the queen of cheap . A title some people would hate , but that I don’t mind at all. Problem being a lot of the cheap cosmetics had terrible chemicals and effects on my skin. Now I do a combo, I can’t really afford to use all high quality products . But when I can spend a little more I do , after researching the quality . I use quality face lotion and foundation to create a safe base for my makeup.

💕Develop a night care routine. I clean all my makeup off and then wash my face . I follow up with a wrinkle serum and a quality night cream . Taking care of my skin at night leaves me waking glowing .

💕Mask based on your mood and skin. My skin changes with my mood . I try to do a face mask once a week , but I can’t just buy in bulk. I buy the face mask the day I’ll do it . Only the day of do I know what my skin and mood needs . Sometimes it needs relaxation , and other days a hydrating mask , I flow with the skin.

My daily skin care line up


This post is about an experience I had over 5 years ago. But life isn’t just made up of what we are doing now. We can be consumed with the past. For me it’s because this time was a real awakening for me.

When I graduated college I went alone to a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. I had another goal too, to write a book while I was there. (that will be followed up in another post)

I arrived into San Jose and on the bus met another person attending the retreat. A young girl around my age from Canada , we became instant friends. Once we arrived at the retreat I was ready. Ready to unpack , see my room, take a walk, call someone, explore everything, and so much more. But, right from the start our yoga instructor said that everything moves slower there, take a breath and slow yourself down.

My days at Samasati were bliss. I’d wake to early morning yoga in a beautiful cabin high above the jungle. Walk down to the cabin for breakfast, where I’d see all sorts of monkeys and birds. It was on the walk from yoga to breakfast that I found a higher power again. I felt at a high, and knew I just wasn’t alone.

After breakfast the day usually included an adventure with the 3 people in my retreat who I became incredibly close with. We rode horses on the beach, made cocoa from scratch, and wandered through the jungle. At night we hit the town and partied with the locals.

This trip was truly an awakening. I never knew I could feel so awake, so at peace, and so powerful. We get so flooded in our stereotypical lives working and cleaning, that we forget there are other lives out there at all. I brought this peace and power home with me. But, the friend I met Lauren, quit her job and moved to Costa Rica where she now runs her own retreat. Maybe I’m next? Probably not. But, obviously this awakening rushed through all of us.

Sparking Weightloss

My journey to 35 pounds down.

Weight has always been a struggle in my life. I am one of the envious. Envious of those who love working out. Envious of those who can strictly stick to a healthy diet. Envious most of those that never work out or watch what they eat, but stay stick thin.

This journey has not been that way for me. If I don’t maintain exercise and healthy eating I balloon up. Once I start blowing up, its all a snowball. I easily turn to eating when I feel anxious or depressed. I had no idea how to really escape the cycle. I couldn’t find it in me.

But, I can tell you how it all began. It might not work for you, but it worked for me. I bit the bullet and reached out to a friend who was an online trainer. I had to force myself, once the message was sent I knew I was in it. Next, once the money was spent I knew I was in it even deeper.

Unlike spending my money on a gym membership, this was a different kind of commitment. It was a commitment to a person. Someone I would have to update and check in with.

Part of it’s success was also that I liked her. Find a trainer you love. My trainer @itsbeccametchell is definitely an inspiration on me. I didn’t want to let her down.

That’s all it took. After the 3 month program something beautiful had happened. I knew I could do it. I have lost so much weight that my body was addicted. I wanted more, sure enough I’m 35 pounds lighter and still losing weight weekly.

It’s amazing what accountability does, and even more amazing what confidence will.